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Dear Guests,

I have always wanted for my children, a family home where we can meet for good times and where to gather our friends and relatives. In love with the Landes since 2013, for their authentic character, their simplicity, their forests, their lakes and their beaches, Léon quickly became an obvious destination.

After visiting dozens of houses around the village, the idea of ​​building a custom house, adapted to our desires and this project, came. In November 2018, I visited this land, virgin of any construction and trees, and launched this adventure.

Started in September 2019, construction was completed in February 2021 after many tribulations related to the various confinements. Finally, after a few more months of finishing, here it is finished and designed for the comfort and, I hope, the pleasure of all.

Over the months, the idea of ​​sharing our family home with other families emerged. Privileged by the living space it offers us including during the last confinement, we are opening it today to your beautiful days, wishing you a wonderful holiday.

See you soon in Léon and at the Villa Léonie

Claire and her children, Fanny, Hector and Babette

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